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Storm Damage Restoration

Storm damage restoration begins here

Storms can cause extensive damage to your property. From high winds to hail and rain, each presents their own set of potential issues ranging from roof damage to broken windows and flooding. You can rely on our IICRC Certified team of experts to act quickly and implement a strategic plan using the latest technology and techniques to mitigate the damage and restore your property to pre-damage condition. We understand that property damage can be stressful. We're here to help you every step of the way and are committed to providing you with Houston, TX's best storm damage restoration services.

The coastal difference

You need a reliable and trustworthy restoration company that you can count on. We understand that property damage puts lives and businesses on hold, so we commit to providing our clients with the highest level of customer service at a rapid rate.

Our skilled and experienced team has the expertise necessary to fully restore your property to its pre-damage condition using the latest technology and techniques. We also provide expert loss consulting services and work with your insurance company to ensure you receive a fair and efficient claim process.

We are committed to providing you with Houston, TX's highest quality storm damage restoration services. Whether it's the quality of the materials we use or the level of workmanship we provide, our clients receive the best of the best.

what to expect

Every property damage situation brings a unique set of issues that need to be addressed so we customize a restoration plan specific to your situation. While there are variable factors to every damage situation, we approach each project with constants you can count on.

a quick response

Storm damage can be extensive and requires an immediate response to limit the short-term and long-term effects. You can rely on a quick response from our team to start the process of restoration and getting your businesses, homes, and lives back to normal.


Our team will fully inspect the property and assess the extent of damage. From there we develop a strategic restoration plan and estimate based on your unique situation. We walk you through the proposed process and address any questions you may have.


Storm damage restoration is a complex process that requires the work of certified and trained professionals. As an IICRC certified team of experts, we have the knowledge, equipment, and resources to address the damage from floor to ceiling and everything in between.


Once clean-up is complete, the rebuild phase begins. With Coastal, you won’t have to look for another contractor for reconstruction. With over 25 years of experience in the field, we are equipped to be your one-stop-shop to fully restore and rebuild your property.

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beyond storm damage

We offer a wide range of restoration services for commercial, multi-family, and residential properties. From minor damage to catastrophic events to loss consulting we’ve got you covered. Learn more about how we can help you restore your businesses, homes, and lives after damage hits.

Loss Consulting

When property damage hits we understand you want someone in your corner to ensure a fair and efficient claim process. Our loss consulting services do just that.

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Roofing Services

A compromised roof has the potential to cause costly damage to your property. Even seemingly minor damage can cause severe water leaks, structural damage, and even a complete roof collapse.

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